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10 Virtual Field Trips for Gifted Students

Discover free virtual field trips for gifted children!

Do you have a gifted child stuck at home who is itching to travel to fascinating places? We’ve compiled several of the most enriching and educational virtual field trips for gifted students!

Here are the top ten free virtual field trips for gifted children:

1. Luray Caverns – Luray, Virginia

Explore Luray Caverns in Virginia while learning more about stalactites and stalagmites! This 360° virtual reality tour is educational and exciting.

2. Gettysburg Battlefield Virtual Tour – Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Gifted students interested in history will love touring this famous Civil War battlefield while learning more about key events and people.

3. National Women’s History Museum – Alexandria, Virginia

The National Women’s History Museum’s online exhibits include Women of NASA and Women in STEM, plus many more interesting exhibits!

4. Museum of Natural Sciences – Brussels, Belgium

Virtually explore the exhibits featuring dinosaurs, insects, rocks and minerals, anatomy, and more.

5. Museum of Flight – Seattle, Washington

Take a 3D tour of a dozen rare aircrafts, including Air Force One and the NASA Space Shuttle Trainer!

6. First 3D Virtual Reality Filmed in Space from National Geographic

Virtually tour a real space shuttle among astronauts! Plus, see stunning 3D views of the Earth from space while hearing more about the experience of astronauts.

7. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History – Washington D.C.

Take a self-guided virtual tour of several current and past exhibits including the FossiLab and Butterfly Pavilion.

8. Great Wall of China – Huairou District, China

Take a virtual tour of one of the wonders of the world! The Great Wall has a history dating back over 2,000 years and stretches more than 3,000 miles across northern China.

9. Louvre Museum – Paris, France

Explore one of the most famous museums in the world and discover masterpieces by Delacroix, Rembrandt, and Tintoretto. Don’t miss the collections from the Pharaonic period in the Egyptian Antiquities exhibit!

10. Northern Lights Live Stream – Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

Many gifted children (and adults!) will love watching this live stream and capturing stunning screenshots. This live cam is located directly underneath the aurora oval–one of the best places on earth to watch the Aurora Borealis, more commonly known as the Northern Lights.

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Discover the top ten free virtual field trips for gifted and talented children!
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