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Spring & Summer Online Programs for Gifted Students

by Caroline Daniel

It is February, and a time to celebrate love in so many ways. Here at SIG, our new and improved spring and summer Online Learning programs showcase our love for meeting the academic and social needs of gifted, academically talented, and creative students through unique virtual course experiences. Traditional educational classroom settings often place limits such as age, time, and/or grade-level standards on academic growth. In these settings, gifted and advanced students can feel confined within their own potential. At SIG, our Online Learning programs offer students a refreshing opportunity to break through these barriers and explore endless possibilities with trained instructors and like-minded peers.

There are multiple benefits to virtual learning for gifted and advanced students but equally important is evaluating if these experiences complement the learning styles and preferences of your child. SIG Online Learning programs best serve students who enjoy exploring topics beyond their traditional educational experiences, thrive on academic freedom through self-directed studies, are proficient in basic computer and internet skills, and have the time commitment to fully engage in synchronous and asynchronous course studies.

SIG’s two-week Spring Online Program offers unique quality course experiences in topics such as law, math, physics, biology, and medicine for ages 5-13. Our three-week Summer Online Programs for ages 5-17 offer similar experiences and virtual open access to many of our premier on-site courses! From courses such as Podcast Production to The Psychology of Fear, students can choose from courses that will pique a variety of interests.

SIG Online Learning programs offer flexibility and choice. They challenge students to think, act, and envision themselves as problem solvers. Through a range of multidisciplinary studies in marine biology, civil engineering, coding/programming, film production, leadership, graphic design, and genetics, students connect their own personal interests with real-world applications and creative solutions.

SIG Online Learning programs guide students to work independently through asynchronous experiences and provide students synchronous, live classroom experiences with peers and course instructors. These live experiences offer students intellectually engaging instruction such as debates, open-ended discussions, and hands-on experiences. These virtual programs strive to keep the whole person in mind and offers weekly synchronous class sessions within multi-age groups to cultivate friendships, cultural awareness, and social learning.

How do you know if online learning is a good fit for your child? One way to identify readiness is to reflect on the statements below and identify if any resonate with your child’s current educational environment.

There is a strong need to explore learning opportunities beyond grade-level curriculum.

SIG Online Learning courses open access to accelerated and advanced-level content that allow students to work at a pace that is consistent with their ability, style of learning, and relevant to their interests.

Intellectual and social connections with like-minded peers will nurture my child’s gifted and academic potential.

SIG Online Learning programs provide flexible learning paths that gifted and advanced learners need to thrive. Our unique courses provide the foundation for students to grow and challenge their strengths and talents with others just like them and work with non-traditional age groups with academic content.

My child has specific passions or interests that require specialized course instruction.  

With over 40 courses available through spring and summer, students can explore multiple interests in a supportive environment. Trained course instructors provide guidance and instruction to nurture students’ explorations, questions, and ideas.

If you said yes to any of the statements above, SIG Online Learning programs are a good fit and will enrich your child’s academic and social needs! Consider how online learning opportunities through SIG can open academic and social enrichment for your child. Our commitment to SIG students is to help them expand their perspectives, think critically and creatively, and forecast novel solutions for their future.

Visit www.giftedstudy.org to learn more about spring and summer online program features and course offerings. Share the love of SIG online courses with us and enroll today!

Written by: Caroline Daniel

Director of Academics

Summer Institute for the Gifted

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