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Spotlight on Two New SIG Courses

by Summer Institute for the Gifted
New courses at SIG investigate de-extinction and gene editing as well as neuroscience

New! De-Extinction: Delightful or Disastrous? (Ages 9-10 years)

Will you be able to see a Wooly Mammoth in your lifetime? Possibly! Scientists around the world are attempting to use the concept of de-extinction and gene-editing technology to rebuild the DNA sequence of many extinct animals such as the passenger pigeons, Tasmanian tiger, the dodo, and many more. Although bringing Ice Age to life sounds exciting, is it fair to the resurrected species and to the biodiversity of life that currently live?

Learn how scientists plan to piece together frozen DNA from 4,000-10,000 years ago with its nearest living relatives to recreate new hybrid options of these extinct species. Do we have the appropriate environmental landscapes to support new species? Explore the biology of extinct animals and of their living relatives, and the causes of extinction, and forecast the environmental, social, and biological needs of new hybrid breeds that have genes from the past and present.  Investigate the amazing possibilities of genetic engineering and its role in building altered clones. Debate if the science of de-extinction is a Pandora’s box you want opened in your lifetime or a necessity for the biodiversity of our plant.

De-Extinction: Delightful or Disastrous at SIG 2020

Students ages 9-10 can register for this exciting course at several SIG Innovators and Investigators Program locations for summer 2020:

New courses at SIG include a neuroscience course for kids as well as a course on gene editing

New! The Art and Science of Thinking (Ages 11-12 years)

The ability to think defines us as a species, but what exactly is a thought? Do you know that scientists don’t really know how thoughts are formed in the brain? There is some evidence that connects neuron activity to thoughts, but how do thoughts pop into our heads?

Thoughts and our thinking impact the way we see our lives and respond to the world around us. Is it possible to improve your thinking or reprogram the way you think? What mode of thinking do you rely on or use in different situations? Explore what neuroscientists define as thought and how reasoning and perception impact your approach to daily tasks. Participate in hands-on activities such as sheep brain dissections and brain exercises to understand the complexity of how our brain functions. What happens when there is an imbalance in the brain? Investigate how brain disorders impact the brain’s potential to function. Take a critical look at what influences your thinking and how to use your intelligence to transform and redefine the world around you. 

The Art and Science of Thinking at SIG 2020

Students ages 11-12 can register for this exciting course at several SIG Innovators and Investigators Program locations for summer 2020:

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