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Spotlight on Arts and Recreation Courses at SIG!

Discover arts and recreation courses at SIG for gifted students ages 9-17!

At SIG, our STEAM+ approach offers students the ability to integrate arts and recreation courses in their course schedules. These courses not only allow them to engage their passions but also cultivate their social/emotional needs as they engage with peers across age groups to collaborate, create, and communicate their talents. Below are a couple new highlighted courses that are open across all Innovators Programs (ages 9-17). Check out a full listing of arts and recreation courses by program at giftedstudy.org.

Arts and Recreation Courses at SIG Innovators Programs

Podcast Production (Ages 9-17)

Did you know that nearly a quarter of Americans have listened to a podcast in the last month? With the rise in popularity, podcasts are becoming a sought-after platform for all ages where kids discuss their passions, creative thinkers entertain through storytelling, and young adults provide commentary on global news or social media trends. What an opportunity to seize when the world is your audience!

Learn how easy it is to create a podcast and develop your writing and communication skills through scripting, voicing, interviewing, and production. Use applications such as Audacity or GarageBand to edit and refine your product, and captivate your audience with your style, passion, and convictions. Enroll in the course with the SIG and explore your opportunities!

Mindfulness through Movement (Ages 9-17)

Learn more about arts and recreation courses at SIG like Mindfulness through Movement!

Is mindfulness only experienced in quiet, still positions? Can you build an awareness of self through movement? Absolutely! It is possible to focus on the movement of the body to encourage the mind to grow quiet. Whether you are running, walking, dancing, or even cleaning your house, movement meditation opens up a world of routines you can integrate into your life. For action-oriented personalities or high energy individuals, stillness can come through movement or exercise.

Learn about how movement meditation practices such as tai chi, yoga, dance, and rhythmic/repetitive movements can increase focus and reduce anxiety. Engage in movement that channels meditative experiences that connect your body, soul, and mind. Join us in this course and enroll at the SIG!

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