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Support Financial Assistance through SIG’s Supplies Wishlist!

Support summer gifted programs through the SIG wish list on Amazon

SIG has made a long-standing commitment to gifted, creative, and academically talented students across the world. As a designated 501(c)(3) nonprofit program, SIG makes every effort to offer the highest level of academic advancement and social-emotional learning for youth. We recognize that gifted students need specialized programs designed to meet their specific needs so they can fully achieve their potential. In line with this goal, SIG is constantly exploring ways to supplement learning opportunities and increase offerings to bright students who are financially challenged through fundraising initiatives and invite you to join us in supporting this cause.

You can support needy gifted students this summer by purchasing supplies for academic courses and activities. Gifted students thrive in environments that truly allow creativity and imagination to flourish. Markers, crayons, and pencils can be tools for future physicists, biologists, and chemists. Scissors, post-its and construction paper can help the mathematicians of tomorrow problem-solve and manipulate their futures. The most rewarding tools of discovery can start with the basics. Basic supplies like pens and paper help students engage in lessons designed for them by having ready access to ways to record new ideas, thoughts, and solutions. A few of the most common course and program supplies utilized by SIG programs are now listed on SIG’s Amazon Summer Wish List. Parents and gifted education advocates can participate directly in preparing gifted youth for a summer of learning and academic opportunity through supporting this wish list.

Supplies purchased through the SIG Summer Wish List will be shipped directly to SIG’s corporate office in Stamford, CT and distributed to students and programs where they are most needed. Not only will your contributions provide students with the basic tools they need; your support also will allow SIG to save funds that can be used otherwise to supplement our financial assistance.

Alternatively, for information on how to make a cash donation, visit the AIFS Foundation website. Please indicate “Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG)” as the donation type when making a donation. All levels of donations are welcome and appreciated and 100% of funds go directly to students.

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