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4 Easy Ways Your Family Can Support Gifted Students

by Summer Institute for the Gifted
4 ways you can support gifted students through the SIG Financial Assistance Program

Philanthropy affords us the opportunity to develop critical social-emotional skills in youth and to help gifted students play an integral role in the world around them. To aid in this mission, SIG’s Financial Assistance Program offers partial scholarships for gifted youth and invites you to help support your or another gifted student in your community.

Here are some ways your family can support socio-economic diversity in gifted education:

  1. Create a philanthropic teaching moment with your child: plan an event with your child to raise money for a fellow gifted student. Funds raised can be donated to SIG for disbursement. Examples of events include a bake sale, lemonade stand, car wash, etc.
  2. Have a SIG Birthday Party! Encourage partygoers to make a donation to support the SIG Financial Assistance Program instead of bringing gifts.
  3. Kickstart your SIG education by exploring course topics related to social responsibility: Initiate a family conversation about philanthropy using SIG courses such as “Youth Issues: Overcoming Obstacles” or “The Culture of Inequality” as a starting point. Talk about the importance of donating to worthy causes and submit a donation together. All donations can be submitted to the AIFS Foundation, SIG’s parent 501(c)(3) organization. Please select SIG under the donation type.
  4. Support the SIG Book Sale: SIG would like to thank everyone who supported our book sale which was held in December 2019. Your overwhelming support exceeded our goals and will make a valuable impact for our students. These funds will be directed towards the SIG Financial Assistance Program to benefit gifted students in need.

    Books from many STEAM categories are still available for purchase. For a list of available titles, please contact Max-Lynn Pierre at mpierre@giftedstudy.org. All proceeds benefit the SIG Financial Assistance program for need-based scholarships. Run your own Book Sale. Clean out your library and invite all your friends to buy a book! What a great way to support talented and creative youth!

Thank you for your continued support. Please call us at (866)303-4744 to discuss additional ways your family can make an impact. 

Learn more about the SIG Financial Assistance Program

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