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Course Highlight: New! The Culture of Inequality (Ages 15-17)

by Summer Institute for the Gifted
New course at the Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG) - The Culture of Inequality

Inequality is a societal issue that each one of us faces. From race to economic inequality, opportunity and access is the fundamental issue that keeps the haves from the have nots, or is it?

Come discuss the realities of inequality at a national and global level and how varied comparative perceptions fuel inequalities in our time. Is our society able to get to a state of equality and what does that look like for different marginalized groups?

Be a part of simulations, role play, and debates regarding how inequality affects the way we think and live. What are the roots of different inequalities that our society faces and how can they be minimized for future generations?

Investigate the conscious and subconscious ideologies that influence decisions made in the job market, education, economy, policy, and much more that steer the pendulum towards or against equality. Propose community, national, and systematic changes to advocate the legacy you want future generations to experience.

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