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Course Highlight: Ocean Crisis – Let’s Clean Up Our Act! (Ages 9-10)

by Summer Institute for the Gifted
Gifted students brainstorm solutions to ocean pollution at the Summer Institute for the Gifted

Is your gifted child passionate about the environment and marine life? Fuel those passions by signing them up for Ocean Crisis: Let’s Clean Up Our Act at SIG!

It’s no secret that water pollution is a major global issue, and marine scientists estimate that over 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean each year. However, gifted youth of today have the opportunity to fight back in a big way. During this course, students look at this large-scale problem on a smaller, more personal level by examining how their own communities are (or aren’t) cleaning up their acts. Finally, they’ll act as leaders by researching ways that both they as individuals, and their communities as a whole, can help solve this crisis.

Snapshots from Past Years

Gifted students studying environmental science at SIG.
Students observe the effects of an oil spill in the ocean at SIG at Fairfield University, 2019.
The SIG course Ocean Crisis allows gifted students to explore solutions to ocean pollution.
Students experiment with various methods of cleaning water in the Ocean Crisis class at SIG at Sarah Lawrence, 2019.
Gifted and green! SIG students learn about ocean pollution and brainstorm solutions.
Students at SIG at Sarah Lawrence study the different ways through which oceans are polluted and work on developing innovative ideas about how to improve the situation.

Ocean Crisis at SIG 2020

Students ages 9-10 can register for this exciting course at several SIG Innovators and Investigators Program locations for summer 2020:

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