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New Course! Magical Science (ages 5-6)

by Summer Institute for the Gifted
New at SIG - Magical Science for ages 5-6

Magical Science is an exciting new course at SIG! Can you poke a sealed bag of water with a pencil without water leaking? Is it possible to make water disappear in a cup? The answer is yes, using principles of surface tension and the power of chemical compounds! Your eye creates illusions and forms perceptions even though the perceptions may be false.

In this course, students will engage in experiments that allow them to test principles of physics and chemistry to uncover how they can fool others with science. They will participate in a cow eye dissection to learn how all the parts of the eye function together to create tricks.

Students will decide if it’s magic or just science that allows you to defy the laws of nature!

Magical Science at SIG 2020

Students ages 5-6 can register for this exciting course at several SIG Investigators Program locations for summer 2020:

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New at SIG 2020 - Magical Science class for gifted kids ages 5 and 6

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