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Meet Mirushe Zylali: Former SIG Student and Current Yale Counselor

Meet Mira, SIG alum and current counselor for SIG at Yale.

Editor’s Note: We love it when our former students reach the age where they can be SIG employees. It’s great to follow their development in this way and learn more about their lives. Today we want to introduce you to Mira who has been hired to be a counselor for SIG at Yale this summer.

Meet Mirushe “Mira” Zylali. Mira’s experience as a student with SIG meant that she was flooded with international perspectives she had previously never seen and was inundated with resources about information she had always been curious about, namely religion and the lives of people in other countries. The “Immortality” class that she took wound up being focused on comparative religion and ancient cultures, sparking a further interest in studying continuity between the ancient world and today. She also enjoyed her art class in which she was able to experiment with different mediums and “make mistakes” without worrying that the people around her were judging her.

These experiences were particularly meaningful as Mira was raised in a multicultural home. Her father is an Albanian and Turkish immigrant from North Macedonia, and her mother is an American Jewish woman. She continues to learn more and more about her parents’ backgrounds the older she gets.

SIG allowed her to have the confidence to know that she could hold her own and be outspoken as she engaged in the courses. She felt the environment was not at all competitive and it allowed her to just be herself – a person passionate about her interests and excited to share with others. It set her on a course to pursue her interests, and she is now pursuing a double major in religion and studio art.

Mira believes, “If you’re thinking about participating in SIG, and you’re able to, please go for it. It’s a wonderful experience and a great way to ease students into thinking about what their passions and independence look like.”

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