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Investing in Our Future Through Gifted and Talented Programs

by Summer Institute for the Gifted
Gifted and talented students need access to specialized programs

We, at the Summer Institute for the Gifted, provide enrichment and advancement programming for gifted and talented students. We recognize that gifted students need specialized programs designed to meet their specific needs so they can explore their potential fully. As a result of their advancement, society can advance as well.

Several studies confirm that gifted programming positively influences students’ futures. A 25-year long longitudinal study showed that students who were identified as intellectually talented and who received services through gifted and talented programs had achieved multiple literary and scientific-technical accomplishments in their careers. From a sample of 2,409 such students, participants had earned 817 patents, published 93 books, and won various awards in the fields of mathematics and sciences [1]. Additionally, a study looking at gifted students who participated in talent development, showed that these experiences had a long-term impact on these students’ postsecondary achievements, with more than half of the examined students earning doctoral degrees [2]. These significant contributions not only benefit gifted students, but they also help us progress nationally and globally. When one subsection of students is left behind, their contributions to society are lost.

Gifted students from high-poverty areas often lack access to resources to reach their full academic potential. This lack leads to the “lost Einstein” effect studied most notably by the Equality of Opportunity Project [3]. Gifted students from low socio-economic areas rival their gifted peers in ability but today’s population of gifted students does not reflect this diversity. Diversity in our future leaders brings forth a wealth of experience and perspectives that our world depends on. As such, SIG has taken great strides in bridging this gap through the SIG Financial Assistance Program.

Despite contrary beliefs, gifted and talented students come from a variety of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. In fact, SIG receives about 110 financial aid applications each year from multiple cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. While we award as much financial aid as we can to each financial aid applicant, our funds only allow us to award financial aid to about half of all such applicants each year. Therefore, we need your help!

You can join our efforts to increase socio-economic diversity in gifted education. All levels of giving support academically qualified students that present a wealth of potential for our world. Together we can assist more families and work toward bridging the gap in educational opportunities for gifted and high achieving youth.

$25 contributes to the cost of course textbooks for one student
$75 sponsors academic course materials for one student
$125 sponsors the travel airport shuttle service for one student
$250 provides a partial program scholarship

For more information on how your donation will be used to enrich academic opportunities for underprivileged youth, visit our website or call us at 866-303-4744.

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