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Chemicals in Action = Chemical Reaction (ages 5-6)

by Summer Institute for the Gifted

Did you know the first type of soap was created through a chemical process using animal fat and ashes (known as lye)? How can something so messy make you cleaner? The answer lies in how soap interacts with oil-based grease or grime! The way materials react is all about chemistry.

Chemistry helps us explain things that happen in nature. Chemists are scientists who use all five senses to explore and explain life.

Experiment with water, acids, bases, and everyday household items to discover the chemical world in which you live. Participate in experiments to learn more about chemical reactions.

Chemistry Fun! Scenes from Past Years

SIG kids love the their summer chemistry class!
SIG at Boston University Academy students prepare for their first experiment in Chemicals in Action = Chemical Reaction in 2019.
Chemistry for kids summer classes at SIG.
SIG at Echo Horizon students making “elephant toothpaste” in 2019.
Students at the Summer Institute for the Gifted love their chemistry class!
Students at SIG at Bryn Mawr College observe chemical changes with baking powder, calcium, water, and other chemicals in 2019.

Chemicals in Action = Chemical Reaction at SIG 2020

Students ages 5-6 can register for this exciting course at several SIG Investigators Program locations for summer 2020:

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