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Benefits of Online Programs for Gifted Students

At the Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG), we are pleased to offer online programs for gifted and talented students ages 5-17. Both our 6-week Spring Online Program and our three 3-week Summer Intensive Online sessions offer highly capable youth innovative STEAM courses from the comfort of their home. Online learning programs provide many benefits to gifted students, especially during this time of social distancing.

7 Benefits of Online Programs for Gifted Students:

1. Engaging Curriculum

SIG Online courses offer a stimulating curriculum that covers topics beyond a traditional school curriculum. The SIG STEAM+ curriculum focuses on applying creative thinking across multiple disciplines to solve real-world problems.

2. Social Experience

Both the Spring & Summer Online Programs offer gifted students the opportunity to interact with like-minded peers from all over the world. The flexibility provided by the online program format allows students from different time zones throughout the world to participate.

In our 3-week Summer Online Intensive Programs, Instructors provide weekly sessions for virtual face-time video conferences where students engage in academic and social experiences to enrich their course work. Instructors facilitate fun social forums and/or virtual face-time sessions each week for students to socialize with peers, share common interests, build friendships, and expand their awareness of culture and diversity.

3. Flexibility

SIG Online Programs give students the flexibility to work on content that interests them. The courses allow students from time zones around the world to complete work at convenient times. Plus, students can choose from four different online program sessions that include spring and summer dates.

4. Explore Areas of Interest

Gifted and talented students are encouraged to explore their interests at SIG Online. Whether your child or teen is interested in coding, engineering, creative writing, astrobiology, or political activism, SIG Online has an enriching course that will appeal to their interests. In each course, students develop a personal objective in the course and along with course objectives, students are guided to create innovative solutions that merge their interests and new learning from the course.

5. Qualified Instructors

Both the Spring and Summer SIG Online Programs feature our experienced Instructors who are professionals and experts in the content and have experience working with gifted, creative, and academically talented students.

6. Student Performance Reviews

At the end of the session, families receive a Student Performance Review (SPR) that provides a narrative evaluation of the student’s performance (particularly toward attaining course and personal student objectives), key achievements, and recommendations for future study.

7. Small Class Sizes

SIG Online is committed to keeping our student-to-teacher ratio low to permit highly-individualized instruction. Class sizes in online courses range from 7-15 students.

SIG Online Parent Testimonials:

“This is our second SIG online course and we just signed up for another this fall. The classes are stimulating; the teachers find incredible online resources that engage the kids and the forum really provides a classroom feel. We highly recommend SIG Online and have recommended it to many friends.”

– Parent, Summer Online

“SIG is a great academic program that allows the conscientious student to enjoy the summer activities without feeling the constraints of daily school routines. The courses offered and curriculum are at a high level. My son looks forward to SIG each year!”

– Parent, Summer Online

“The student evaluation we received is comprehensive and very informative. It accurately summarizes the course content, the student’s objectives and the progress the student has made through this course. It also identifies the area the student should focus on going forward. Being a parent, I found it very helpful for me to plan my daughter’s education for the coming year.”

-Parent, Summer Online 2019

“My son truly liked interacting with other students via forum discussions. The way they shared information with each other online was truly amazing especially in the last two weeks of the course when they had time to visualize and discuss their products plus add/share info. We as parents learned a lot as well! Our son will definitely take a couple of SIG courses next summer.”

-Parent, Summer Online 2019
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