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7 At-Home Engineering Activities for Children

Discover 7 exciting engineering activities for children at home!

Looking for hands-on STEAM activities to keep children engaged at home? Engineering activities are a great way to encourage problem-solving and creative thinking skills while having fun! We’ve compiled a list of fun engineering activities for children that are easy to do at home.

Top 7 At-Home Engineering Activities for Children:

1. Pasta Engineering

Experiment with building structures with pasta (in various shapes) and playdough. Older children can gain inspiration by watching Dyson engineers who were challenged to build replicas of the Golden Gate Bridge out of spaghetti!

2. Simple Glider

Build a simple glider and learn more about the physics of aerodynamics and flight! Experiment with different materials and wing sizes and see how far your glider can fly.

3. Marshmallow Engineering

Explore the basic concepts of engineering with tasty marshmallows! Challenge children to build a multi-story structure with marshmallows and toothpicks or straws. Then, try to build a strong structure that can bear weight.

4. Balloon-Powered Cars

Learn how you can power a toy car with air – and physics! Experiment with using different materials to make the car. Which car is the fastest?

5. Egg Drop

Design a contraption using various household materials to protect a raw egg from a high fall. Will your egg crack? This project is a great way to learn more about physics and engineering design principles.

6. Hydraulic Machine

Hydraulic machines use liquid fuel power to perform work. This is a great activity for children to experience the power of hydraulic machines and gain insight into their real-world uses.

7. Articulated Grabber

Extend your reach and engineer your own grabber! Experiment with different materials to increase the grabber’s grip. Then, challenge children to pick up different objects with the grabber. Can you pick up a pen and write your name with your invention?

More STEAM Enrichment at Home

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Discover engineering activities for children at home!

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